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About ATC

We support your business all over Japan!

mapWe offer full technical support, maintenance and help desk services to Japanese and foreign technological companies interested in sales and business throughout Japan.
ATC was founded in 1987 as a subsidiary company of the Olivetti Corporation Group and designed to give the Assistance of Technical matters to Customers, thus, the name ATC was born.
ATC has been expanding its business in the fields of welfare, health care, energy consumption reduction and ecological preservation.
A lot of interest has also been placed on high quality products related or unrelated to ATC main business practices as well as products featuring innovation, technology, design and style.
ATC is a challenging innovative company and is willing to seriously consider proposals from companies embracing similar ways of thinking. Together, we can start a relationship and collaboration that may lead to a long term ongoing partnership.

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Maintenance and help desk service are the central part of the business of our company. Physical distribution management and consulting can allow Customer to reach wide goals. “Order-made” adjusts the order to the specific business need of the Customer. We offer a service, based on our wide trusted experience, which is not restricted by the manufacturer and the product.